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Pro vs Lite Custom Avatars
Pro vs Lite Custom Avatars

Here we compare our Lite and Pro Custom avatars

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Custom Avatar is an avatar with your appearance. In Spiritme, we have two types of custom avatars: Lite and Pro. On this page, we've made a brief comparison to help you understand which type of custom avatar is more suitable for you.

Lite Avatar

Pro Avatar




Source footage

Any professional camera footage, no realtime guidance

Image resolution*

Full HD


Lipsync quality

Lipsync v2 for Custom Avatars



Time to prepare

5 working days

3-4 weeks

Re-do avatar

Not provided

Not provided



* This is the resolution of the avatar image. The maximum resolution for videos is 4K for all plans. More information is available here: Studio FAQ.

Ready to make a decision? You can purchase a custom avatar here: Spiritme Pricing.

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