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Video Not Supported in Studio
Video Not Supported in Studio

How to manage Video Not Supported problem in Studio

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“Video Not Supported”, what does this mean?

Our Studio generates part of the content directly in the browser, and this requires specific requirements. Currently, the Studio only supports Windows/MacOS and Chromium-based browsers/Microsoft Edge. On Linux-based systems or in Firefox/Safari, you may see the above message.

How can I generate videos in Linux/Firefox?

You need to switch to our simplified interface. To do this, go to the “My Account” page (, and press the “Disable Experimental UI” button.

Do you plan to support a full Studio version for Linux/Firefox in the future?

Yes, we do plan to provide support for Linux and Firefox. However, these limitations are due to a lack of essential support from the browsers themselves. If you need support for Linux or Firefox, please vote for these features on our roadmap to increase the priority of their development:

I use Chrome on Windows, but I'm still encountering this error. Why?

This error can still occur in certain environments. If you encounter this error and do not use Linux or Firefox, please contact us through our live chat for assistance.

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