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What is Spiritme and how to start create AI videos with speaking avatars

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What is Spiritme?

Spiritme is an AI-video platform for creating personalized videos with digital avatars. You can create your own avatar in just five minutes of recording via our iOS app or choose from our extensive library of pre-existing avatars.

Our avatars are unique, able to show various facial expressions for a more lifelike experience, we call this technology dynamic facial expression engine.

How can I generate a video with an avatar?

You can generate a video in Spiritme Studio:

To do so, choose an avatar from our library, paste a text to pronounce and tap Generate.

Here is the short video tutorial on how to create the first video:

Can I create an avatar with my appearance?

Yes! We call it Custom Avatar. Currently, we have two types of Custom Avatars: Lite or Pro ones.
You can learn more about Custom Avatars and their features here: Pro vs Lite custom avatars.

What devices do you support?

I'm experiencing an issue. Can you assist me?

Absolutely! We're always ready to provide support. You can reach us through:

  • Our live chat, located in the bottom right corner of our website and Studio.

  • Emailing us at We're here to help resolve any problems you might encounter.

I can't find the verification email!

  1. Make sure to search through all your inboxes for an email from and subject Please Confirm Your E-mail Address.

  2. Still can't find it? Try to repeat the sign up to make sure that you used the correct email address.

  3. Still nothing? Please write us to the live chat or at

Please note that our login fields are case-sensitive, so if you signed up using an uppercase email address, you’ll need to type it out the same during the login process.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes! You can read the details here.

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