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Dynamic Facial Expressions Engine
Dynamic Facial Expressions Engine

Technology which adds emotions while speaking

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At Spiritme, our goal is to bring authenticity and engagement to our avatars, transcending mere looks to encompass emotions. After all, who enjoys interacting with an expressionless face? Certainly not us. That's why we're thrilled to introduce dynamic facial expressions in our avatars โ€” a feature we're ecstatic to demonstrate in our latest demo!

To achieve this, we've engineered an advanced emotion generation engine. This innovation allows an avatar's face to change dynamically, reflecting emotions in real-time as it speaks.

Here's a glimpse of what our avatars can now express:

  • A warm, friendly smile.

  • Genuine moments of amusement and surprise.

  • Natural, spontaneous blinking.

These subtle movements contribute significantly to making our avatars not just friendly, but truly charismatic. It's the little nuances that elevate the overall experience.

What sets us apart is our ability to generate the entire head, not just the lower part like our competitors. This capability allows us to animate the full face, bringing a new level of cool to avatar interactions.

Experience the difference with Spiritme, where every small detail contributes to a more lively and engaging avatar.

How to use it in video generation?

Use tags <emotion name="emotion_name"> text </emotion> in your script to add emotions to the generated video.

All avatars support the following emotions:

  • neutral

  • semismile

  • smile

  • happiness

  • sadness

Example of multi-emotional text:

Neutral text <emotion name="smile"> text to pronounce with smile </emotion> <emotion name="happiness"> text to pronounce with happiness </emotion>

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