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Custom Avatar FAQ

Update rules, exclusivity, creation process, full-body details, and ownership rights.

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Customizing your avatar on Spiritme can be an exciting and personal way to express yourself. If you've been considering it or have questions about the process, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions on the topic:

Common Questions

Q: Why do I need a custom avatar?

A: A custom avatar is one that looks like you. Depending on your audience, they may find it more engaging to see your face rather than a random one.

Q: What types of custom avatars are available?

A: We offer two types of custom avatars: Lite and Pro. You can see how they differ here: Lite vs Pro Avatars.

Q: How will my avatar look?

A: Your avatar will look as it did during the shoot, except for facial expressions and lip-syncing. You can see examples here: Lite vs Pro Avatars.

Q: What can I do with my avatar?

A: You can use your avatar to create videos in our Studio: The avatar can speak any text in any language (with your voice โ€“ available in 29 languages). Read more about Voice Cloning and Studio.

Q: Who owns the avatar, and can it be exported?

A: The avatar you create is your property. However, they are exclusive to our platform due to their unique neural network structure. You can generate and download/share videos in Studio and integrate our platform using our API. More about API: API FAQ.

Q: Can I change the clothing/style of the avatar?

A: Currently, this feature is not available, but you can vote for it here: Change Avatar Clothes.

Q: Can I create an avatar from a photo?

A: This feature is not available yet. Feature request: Make Avatars from Photo.

Q: Is it possible to have a full-body avatar?

A: For Pro Custom Avatars, it is possible. However, for Lite Custom Avatars, only a full-body avatar is currently possible. This is a limitation of the Apple TrueDepth sensor.

Q: For more information or requests, where should I contact?

A: You can contact us at or in a live chat.

Lite Custom Avatars

Q: Are there examples of the final result?

A: Yes, see the example here: Lite Custom Avatar Example.

Q: Is using the iOS app mandatory?

A: For recording, yes. We record with an iPhone's TrueDepth sensor (Face ID) as it provides additional data that improves avatar quality. Link to the Spiritme iOS app: AppStore.

Q: Is there an Android app?

A: Not currently, but we're considering it: Android App. The phone is only needed for the initial recording, after which you can use any device in our web Studio. Consider a Pro avatar for a simpler process. Comparison: Lite vs Pro Avatars.

Q: How long does the recording take?

A: 5-10 minutes, depending on how well you follow the instructions. Guide: Capture Guide: Lite Custom Avatar.

Q: What happens after I submit my recording?

A: We review it and email you with either an acceptance, a request for confirmation, or suggestions for improvement. Please check your email for prompt communication.

Q: I was told my avatar is being trained. How long will it take?

A: Your avatar will be ready within 5 business days.

Q: I recorded but received no email. What should I do?

A: Check your spam folder. If there's no email, contact us at or through a live chat. Ensure your email is not hidden in your registration.

Q: Can I preview my avatar before training?

A: Your avatar will resemble your recording, minus facial emotions and lip-sync. You can preview it when uploading in the app (there will be a Preview screen right after you tap the Upload button).

Q: I bought a custom avatar. Can I record multiple times?

A: You can record multiple times to try different setups, but only one recording will be used for training. We will contact you via email to coordinate which version will be sent for training.

Q: What if I delete the avatar in the app?

A: Avatars in the app are just your recordings. Deleting them doesn't affect the avatar creation or quota.

Q: The app shows an old status, but I received an email saying my avatar is ready/preparing. What's happening?

A: Trust the email correspondence; we are currently experiencing issues with status updates in the app.

Q: Can I update or redo my custom avatar?

A: Each custom avatar includes only one session. We aim for satisfaction on the first attempt. If needed, you have the option to redo it once. No recurring updates are offered currently.

Q: Does the custom voice feature come with the avatar price?

A: Yes. To create a custom voice, send us a 3-5 minute voice recording at Voice requirements: Custom Voice.

Q: What is the price and how to buy a Lite Custom Avatar?

A: You need a Spiritme subscription. See the pricing for Lite Custom Avatar at Spiritme Pricing. The current price is $200.

Pro Custom Avatar

Q: Are there examples of the Pro Custom Avatar result?

A: Yes, see examples here: Pro Custom Avatar Example. Our stock avatars are created using the same technology.

Q: Are there specific requirements for recording a Pro Custom Avatar?

A: Yes. See the detailed guide here: Capture Guide: Pro Custom Avatar.

Q: Can I preview my Pro Custom Avatar before training?

A: Your avatar will look like your recording, minus facial emotions and lip-sync. Ensure you like your appearance before sending the video.

Q: Does the Pro Custom Avatar include a custom voice?

A: Yes. If the voice in your recording is of good quality, we can create a custom voice from it. However, we may request a separate voice recording if needed.

Q: What is the price and how to buy a Pro Custom Avatar?

A: We are currently in beta and collecting pre-orders for Pro Custom Avatar. If interested, fill out this form: Pro Custom Avatar Pre-Order.

We hope this clarifies any queries you might have about custom avatars on SpiritMe. Create, customize, and enjoy your unique digital self!

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