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How to Generate Videos with Alpha Channel
How to Generate Videos with Alpha Channel
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Creating videos with a transparent background is incredibly useful if you wish to further edit the video with avatar on third-party software, rather than directly in Studio.

Simple steps to generate your video with Alpha

  1. Start by creating a new video project on our platform.

  2. Once you've created your video project, add your chosen avatar to the current slide. Then, input the text you want your avatar to say.

  3. After setting up your avatar and text, click on the "Generate current page as ProRes" button. This option allows you to generate a high-quality video with an alpha channel, meaning the background will be transparent, perfect for post-production editing.

  4. Wait for the video to be generated. Once it's ready, download it to your computer.

What is ProRes?

Apple ProRes 4444 is a high-quality solution for video, with lossless alpha channel.

However, note that standard video players may not support ProRes files due to their advanced encoding. You might need compatible editing software to view and edit ProRes videos.

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