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Spiritme Update: January 2024 Highlights
Spiritme Update: January 2024 Highlights
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Spiritme AI Scriptwriter

Videos from Presentations: Effortlessly turn your PPTX/PDF presentations into engaging videos with our Spiritme AI Scriptwriter. This tool analyzes content to generate narrations. Try this feature by importing your presentation directly in the Studio.

Create TikTok Videos with Ease

Custom GPT Integration: Brainstorm video scripts with our custom GPT powered by ChatGPT! It prepares the script, selects the avatar, and matches the voice to your video idea. Access a ready-to-edit video draft in the Studio.

Export Transparent Videos

You can now export videos with a transparent background (ProRes 4444 with alpha), ideal for integrating avatars into your video editing workflow.

Revamped Script Tab + Voice Examples

Selecting the perfect voice is now smoother, thanks to an updated tab and new audio samples for each voice option.

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