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Custom Avatars: Spirime vs HeyGen
Custom Avatars: Spirime vs HeyGen

Deciding between Spiritme’s and HeyGen’s custom avatars? Compare them side by side to see which one is right for you.

Written by Alena Ivanova
Updated over a week ago

Compare the avatars side by side

Spiritme and Heygen both offer different types of custom avatars. To select the one that works best for you, compare the demos, features, and pricing below.




Pro avatars

Top-quality avatars in each lineup.

for any plan


only for enterprise users

Lite avatars

The fastest and easiest to make avatars in each lineup.

App for guided avatar’s creation

Custom avatars from webcam

coming soon

Custom avatars from picture

coming soon

Dynamic emotions

Lip sync



Voice cloning




Flexible verification of consent for Avatar creation


for agencies only

Unlimited Plan: no limits on video generation / month

5 Advantages to Choose Spiritme Over HeyGen

Check out 5 advantages that you should choose Spiritme's custom avatars rather than Heygen.

  1. Unique Dynamic emotions

    Emotions make the avatars appear more lifelike, resulting in videos that are more engaging and human-like. Only with Spiritme’s avatars can you add a smile, show excitement, or remain serious or even sad when needed.

  2. Unlimited plan & better pricing

    Only Spiritme offers an Unlimited plan for endless content creation. We provide the best prices on the market with a highly flexible pricing structure. Why spend thousands on overpriced solutions?

  3. Flexible avatar verification rules

    This is especially important for agencies that digitize experts and create content for them. These flexible rules make Spiritme convenient for use by such agencies.

  4. Own app for guided avatar creation

    We are the only platform with an app that guides you through the avatar creation process, making it easier to manage.

  5. Superior video editing and media features

    Spiritme offers built-in tools and a wide range of media elements. Our unique AI Script Writer creates videos from PPTs/PDFs in minutes, and ChatGPT bot lets you create videos from prompts.

Spiritme vs Heygen Pricing

Don’t choose between price and quality. Spiritme offers the best prices on the market and is the only one to offer an unlimited plan.



Free trial

1 minute

1 minute

30 min video generation / month

From $34

From $48

Unlimited video generation / month

From $100

Lite custom avatar


Depends on plan

Pro custom avatar



Only as an add on for enterprises

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