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API and Integrations FAQ
API and Integrations FAQ

API insights, software integrations.

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Welcome to Spiritme's guide on our API, integrations, and some of the frequently raised questions about our software. As the world of digital avatars and user experience becomes more sophisticated, we believe in giving our users a clear understanding of what our platform offers.


For detailed information on our API, including endpoints, parameters, and usage examples, please visit our comprehensive Swagger UI documentation at This resource provides an interactive way to explore and test our API's capabilities in real-time.

Q: For which plans is the API available?

A: The API is available for all plans.

Q: What is the simple example for using the API?

A: Here is the minimal usage example:

  1. Get an API Token: Get an API Key in user settings and send access token in the Token Authorization header (-H 'Authorization: Token <api-key>').

  2. Make a video creation request: Send a POST request to /api/videos with a basic JSON structure.
    For example:

    "slides": [{
    "audio_source": {
    "text": "Hello everyone! I am a virtual avatar from Spiritme.",
    "voice": {"id": 40}
    "layers": [{"avatar": {"id": 9853}}]

    This request will return an id which is used for tracking the video creation process.

  3. Retrieve the Video: Use the GET method on /api/videos/{id} to periodically check the video's status. Once the status is success, you can obtain the URL of the generated video from the result field.

Q: How do the x, y coordinates work in the POST /api/videos/ request for positioning an avatar or media content?

A: These parameters represent the reference point values ranging from 0 to 1, originating from the top-left corner of the frame. Specifically, the reference point for an avatar is the center of the bottom edge of the avatar's frame.

Q: Does Spiritme offer webhook notifications for video completion?

A: Currently, we do not have webhook notifications for video completion. However, we're planning to implement this feature in the future. You can track the progress and get notified about its release by following our roadmap here: Webhook Notifications for Video Completion.

External Tools for Generating with Spiritme

You can use our API for automated video generation. However, we understand that this might not be the most convenient option for batch generation for everyone, so we are developing integrations with various automation tools.

Currently, we have successfully integrated with ChatGPT, enabling video generation outside the studio. We are actively working on additional integrations and welcome your input to prioritize development. Vote for your preferred integrations on our roadmap.

ChatGPT Integration

We've developed the Spiritme GPT assistant, which can brainstorm video ideas, generate scripts, and select the most suitable avatar for your video. This results in a ready-to-use project that you can either refine or directly transform into a final video.

Explore this amazing feature here: Generate a TikTok video with Spiritme.

(Note: A paid subscription to ChatGPT is required to use GPTs)

Zapier Integration

You can now automate video generation and posting by creating Zapier automations with Spiritme. Start by visiting this page:

Planned/Under Consideration

Check out our list of potential integrations in our public roadmap:

If you're looking for an integration not listed, feel free to suggest a new one here.

White-label Options

For businesses seeking a white-label solution, get in touch directly or schedule a meeting with us.

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